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Hunting in Gillette & Wright, Wyoming

It’s well-known that Wyoming’s wildlife outnumbers its residents, and this area has some of the highest antelope densities anywhere. If you’re visiting Campbell County to hunt, the pronghorn is your ultimate trophy. They’ll make you earn it, but that’s the Wyoming way. So when you’re ready to take a Wyoming hunting, make your way to Gillette and Wright, Wyoming.

Pronghorn Hunting

Often mistaken for an antelope, the pronghorn is its own species, with an estimated 40,000 to 50,000 pronghorn roaming the plains, making it by far the most common large game animal. But even though they’re plentiful, that certainly doesn’t mean they’re an easy hunt. Pronghorns are the fastest animals in North America and the second fastest in the world, capable of reaching 65 miles per hour and maintaining 40-50 MPH for several miles. Additionally, the species has remarkable eyesight and can recognize moving objects from great distances.

Whitetail and Mule Deer Hunting

Mule deer, with their distinct large ears and proficiency at camouflage, number around 30,000 in Gillette, WY. They tend to occupy wooded or shrubby areas that feature broken countryside, and their tendency to bound rather than run suits rugged terrains like those of Wyoming. If you’re looking to take a Wyoming whitetail hunting trip, you’ll find these deer are less abundant than both pronghorn and mule deer, but they can be found across Campbell County if you know where to look. The species are shy and seldom seen during the day unless disturbed. Instead, they prefer to feed and move in the early morning, evening and night hours. Your best chance for success is often to leave the beaten path, and you’re often rewarded for the extra effort.

Hunt in Gillette

Hunters Assistance Day presented by Visit Gillette/Wright, Wyoming Game and Fish Department and Rusty’s Taxidermy - September 30th.

The Super Slam

If you’re chasing a Super Slam, you’re familiar with all three of these big game animals required for the title, and you’re probably already familiar with Campbell County. So what are you waiting for? The chase starts now. Out-of-state hunting application periods run from January 1- May 31, and the draw happens in early June. Most of the land is privately owned, so we strongly advise prospective hunters to hire a guide for improved access and that invaluable insider expert eye on the area and game. We recommend hiring an outfitter before making a scouting trip sometime over the summer before your hunt between September and November. While we’re lucky to have a sanctuary with more big game than people, you may consider planning your trip sometime during midseason when there’s less hunting pressure. Guides also tend to be more available during these slower times. Remember that weather is unpredictable year-round in Wyoming, so if you’re coming in October, pack for 80 degrees and snow. Additionally, this is the wilderness, and your cell phone won’t have service in most places. Prepare accordingly. Download a Hunting Guide to help you get started.

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