Grant Program

Campbell County Lodging Tax Joint Powers Board

Policies & Application

The Campbell County Convention and Visitors Bureau (CCCVB) is governed by the Campbell County Lodging Tax Joint Powers Board. This Board is made up of tourism industry professionals and others, appointed by the City, County and Town of Wright Municipal Officials. The CCCVB administers funds collected from a County lodging tax on occupied transient lodging sales, i.e. hotels/motels and campgrounds. The funds are designated to promote Campbell County as a visitor destination with emphasis in the following markets: leisure & group travel, meetings and conventions, special events, cultural activities and sporting events.

The CCCVB allocates funds from its annual budget to a grant program for groups and organizations that coordinate events with a demonstrated history of visitor impact or significant potential to draw visitors to the area. The grant fund is administered by the CCCVB with the approval of the Campbell County Lodging Tax Joint Powers Board.

A “Special Event” shall be defined as a “new or existing organized festival, fair, conference, meeting, or sports exhibition, which is conducted according to a pre-arranged schedule, and in which general public interest is manifested. For the purpose of this grant program, the public interest should extend to Campbell County residents and to those living outside Campbell County who would consider visiting and staying overnight to observe or participate.” A “Special Event” must generate visitations to Campbell County that includes overnight stays within the commercial lodging and campground industries.

The program, project or special event must be in direct correlation with the CCCVB’s mission statement which is “The mission of the Campbell County Convention & Visitors Bureau is to promote and provide monumental experiences for all visitors to Campbell County”.

Each application will be evaluated against established criteria. The number and extent of these grants will be dependent upon the availability of designated funds and specific allocations. Ideally, the funds allocated by the CCCVB for programs, projects or special events will eventually be returned through an increase in transient lodging sales, thus generating additional lodging and sales tax revenues, and/or economic impact to the community.

A. Grant funds are intended to supplement the sponsoring organization’s budget.

B. Funding is intended to generate media exposure, support marketing and promotional efforts, venue/site rentals, travel expenses to trade shows, costs associated with production and technical expenses or visiting artists and/or exhibits.

C. Grant applications will be reviewed (4) four times per year, at the monthly Joint Powers Lodging Tax Board meetings in March, June, September and December, unless there are extenuating circumstances. In the event that a grant application is received outside of the CCCVB’s designated submission dates and grant funds are still available in the budget, the Joint Powers Lodging Tax Board may elect to consider the request following a super majority vote (majority plus one) of the Board.

D. Hotels secured for an event must be located within Campbell County, and must meet the participation requirements*. *Lodging partner participation requirements include: Positive Guest Feedback regarding Customer Service, fulfilling room blocks and rates as previously committed on Event RFP’s. Event producers will provide survey feedback on the hotels from the CCCVB Grant Post Event Report. Grant recipients must allow the CCCVB to send an RFP request to all lodging properties, giving them the opportunity to bid on the granted event. The Grant Recipient will be provided the bid information to decide on the appropriate lodging facility(ies) and will inform the CCCVB for room night tracking purposes. In addition to the hotels, Event Planners/Coordinators of Grant- Awarded activities and events will be required to evaluate the venue(s), any Food and Beverage outlets utilized, the Campbell County Convention & Visitors Bureau, and Transportation or Tours and Attractions, and any other services utilized during the
event. (See Post Event Report below). The CCCVB will compile the feedback from the Post Event Surveys and will include the lodging property and any other related information with future RFP reports that are provided to the clients. Lodging properties will be required to provide the actual room pick-up reports on grant-awarded events to the CCCVB for the Post Event Reports.

E. Funding shall be provided as reimbursement for approved actual expenditures upon completion of the event. Proof of payment must be provided. Proof of payment may be submitted in the form of a vendor invoice/receipt and a copy of the cleared check or credit card receipt. Cash receipts will not be accepted without written confirmation from vendor that expenditure has been paid in full.

F. Under special circumstances, upfront funding may be petitioned for at a monthly board meeting, for up to 50% of the total grant approved, until the first day of the event. The remaining 50% will be provided as reimbursement for approved actual expenditures upon completion of the event, and submission of the completed Post Event Report and Survey.

G. To be eligible for payment, a completed Post Event Report and Survey must be submitted including tracking statistics regarding out-of-town visitors and their impact on transient lodging facilities and occupancy. Failure to submit a complete Post Event Report will result in disqualification for support. If the event occurs near the end of the CCCVB’s fiscal year, final receipts for reimbursement must be received before the fiscal year audit of the CCCVB financials, or the grant funds will be considered forfeited by the organization.


H. Funding shall be provided as reimbursement for approved actual expenditures upon completion of the event. Proof of payment must be provided. Proof of payment may be submitted in the form of a vendor invoice/receipt and/or a copy of the cleared check or credit card receipt. Cash receipts will not be accepted without written confirmation from vendor that expenditure has been paid in full.

I. To be eligible for complete payment, a completed Post Event Report must be submitted including tracking statistics regarding out-of-town visitors and their impact on transient lodging facilities and occupancy. Failure to submit a complete Post Event Report will result in disqualification for support. If the event occurs near the end of the CCCVB’s fiscal year, final receipts for reimbursement must be received before the fiscal year audit of the CCCVB financials, or the grant funds will be considered forfeited by the organization.

J. Any funds granted will be subject to audit by the CCCVB’s auditor.

K. Recognition of the CCCVB grant/sponsorship must be included where appropriate on all printed material, electronic media, the organization’s web site and referred to in public relation activities. A CCCVB logo will be provided. All printed materials with the CCCVB’s logo must be presented with the Post Report. Failure to include the logo can be cause for disallowing reimbursement of the grant funds. In order to be able to utilize the CCCVB logo on marketing materials for the event, the application must be received and go through the approval process prior to the event start date, and early enough to include the CCCVB logo on materials. The CCCVB can also provide a 3’ X 5’ banner to be displayed at the event, if appropriate.

L. Allowable expenses shall include the following: Promotion, marketing and programming expenses, paid advertising that reaches beyond Campbell County with potential to drive overnight visitations, media buys, production and technical expenses, site fees/costs, speaker fees, and/or travel expenses to trade shows. Should funds be used for the purchase of equipment the CCCVB will be granted priority usage should they host a future event that would require said equipment. An Equipment Addendum will also need to be completed, which shall include a complete description of the equipment, including asset numbers, where the equipment will be stored, and the contact for accessing the equipment for future use. The CCCVB Sales and Event Coordinator will maintain a full equipment log for those purchases made with CCCVB Grant funds. The application requires all applicants to describe how the grant funds will be used. Any changes to the items submitted MUST be presented in writing to the CCCVB for approval.

M. Unallowable expenses include: General and administrative/labor expenses, building construction, renovating and/or remodeling expenses, debts incurred prior to grant requests that are unrelated to the current event grant request, and hospitality or social functions that include the serving of alcoholic beverages.”

The intent of the Grant Funding Program is to provide funding assistance for programs, projects and special events that attract overnight visitors to Campbell County impacting the commercial lodging and campground industries, restaurants, retail establishments and other businesses. To be considered for funding, the following criteria have been established:

  1. Grant Funding Application must be filled out completely.
  2. Each application must include a signed Certification and Compliance Page.
  3. Applicant must provide a budget.
  4. The Grant Funding Request must positively impact the economy in Campbell County.

Each grant application will be reviewed by CCCVB staff to ensure that all required materials have been supplied. Failure to supply all the required materials will result in disqualification. Following staff review, the scored applications will be presented to the Campbell County Lodging Tax Joint Powers Board for approval and funding level. The CCCVB staff will score each application on a 50-point scale based on the following:

Tourism Development (25 points)

Request has potential or previously proven ability to generate visitation to Campbell County that includes overnight stays in commercial lodging and campground facilities: (1 point each level)

– 1 to 100 Room Nights
– 101 to 200 Room Nights
– 201 to 300 Room Nights
– 301 to 450 Room Nights
– 451 and over Room Nights

  • Request contributes to overall appeal of Campbell County as a preferred visitor destination through its program, project or event offerings.
  • Request has the ability to generate sales tax dollars/economic impact:(1pointeach)

– Catered group meals and/or dining out, grocery purchases
– Entertainment/Tour Fees
– Shopping/retail purchases or rentals
– Venue rental fees
– Fuel/transportation purchases

  • Request is descriptive and clearly defines target market(s).
  • Request fills non-peak time periods.

Program, Project or Event Evaluation (25 points)

  • Request supports CCCVB’s & organization’s mission.
  • Request goals, objectives, budget and funding sources seem realistic.
  • Funds requested meet grant criteria of allowable expenses.
  • Request includes plan for overnight lodging industry stays.
  • Request includes method for documenting and evaluating outcome of event.

Total Possible Points = 50

The following table reflects the level of funding possible based on the grant application’s estimated number of room nights. Average Funding levels range from $0 to a maximum of $3,500. The estimated number of room nights does not guarantee the level of funding at which the request may be approved. The final funding recommendations will be based on the Board’s discretion and available funding levels. As an example, if the Board believes the event has overstated the potential room nights, the Board has the right to place the application in a lower funding category.

Total Points Score & Funding Range:

46 – 50: $2,500 – $3,500
41 – 45: $1,500 – $2,500
31 – 40: $500 – $1,500
Less than 30: $0 – $500

The following formula will be used to determine the final grant amounts:

  1. The score will be determined for each applicant based on the maximum of 50 points as outlined previously. The chart above is the guideline for the Board to determine the award amount.
  2. Also, the Board has the discretion to make increased funding adjustment recommendations to any grant application as warranted.

Following the program, project or event, the CCCVB reserves the right to conduct a post-audit of information presented on the Post Report. All lodging accommodations listed will be contacted to confirm the number of room nights generated. PLEASE NOTE THAT ANY MISLEADING OR FALSE INFORMATION PRESENTED CAN AND WILL ADVERSELY AFFECT FUTURE GRANT AWARDS.

Questions regarding grant process can be answered by CCCVB staff at 307.686.0040.

Awarded Grants - 2009

RequestorAmount GrantedDate of Approval
Cam-Plex $10,000.0010/1/2009

Awarded Grants - 2010

RequestorAmount GrantedDate of Approval
Gillette Hockey Association$1,500.003/3/2010
Gillette Girls Fastpitch Association$1,128.003/3/2010
Gillette Girls Fastpitch Association$3,000.003/3/2010
Gillette Riders/American Legion$2,000.003/3/2010
Donkey Creek Festival 2010$2,500.006/2/2010
Hermann’s Antiques$0.006/2/2010
PCBA (Physically Challenged Bow Hunters)$1,500.009/8/2010
Gillette College Athletics$2,200.009/8/2010
Gillette Swim Team$1,000.0012/1/2010
Powder River Rodeo, LLC$3,000.0012/1/2010


Awarded Grants - 2011

RequestorAmount GrantedDate of Approval
Donkey Creek Festival 2011$3,500.003/2/2011
Bulldog Industries Energy Expo$2,000.004/7/2011
CAM-PLEX NHSFR$10,000.006/1/2011
Wyoming Pilots Association – Pilots for Christ$0.006/1/2011
Gillette Girls Fastpitch Association$1,500.003/2/2011
Gillette Girls Fastpitch Association$3,500.003/2/2011
Gillette Swim Team$500.009/7/2011
Gillette College Cross Country$300.009/7/2011
PCBA (Physically Challenged Bow Hunters)$1,500.009/7/2011
WCP (Wyoming Chamber Partnership)$2,000.009/7/2011
Wyoming Federation of Republican Women$300.009/7/2011
Gillette College Athletics$0.009/7/2011
Gillette College Athletics$0.009/7/2011
Energy Classic Basketball$2,000.009/7/2011
Cam-Plex Conferences$2,000.009/7/2011
WAEMSP (WY Assoc of Elementary and Middle School Principals)$250.0012/7/2011
Cam-Plex $2,000.0012/7/2011
Powder River Rodeo, LLC $3,000.0012/7/2011


Awarded Grants - 2012

RequestorAmount GrantedDate of Approval
Gillette Swim Team$510.753/7/2012
Gillette Hockey Association$1,700.002/1/2012
Cowboy States Reining Horse Assn$1,000.003/7/2012
WAB (Wyoming Association of Broadcasters)$800.003/7/2012
Donkey Creek Festival$3,500.003/7/2012
Gillette College Cross Country$450.003/7/2012
Governor’s Workforce Summit$1,344.506/6/2012
American Legion Baseball$1,500.006/6/2012
RMN Wrestling Tournament$1,344.506/6/2012
Cam-Plex $2,000.0012/7/2011
Cam-Plex $2,000.0012/7/2011
Izzi Racquetball Open$500.009/5/2012
Gillette Swim Team$0.009/5/2012
Early Bird Basketball Tournament$1,000.009/5/2012
Energy Classic Basketball Tournament$3,000.009/5/2012
Powder River Rodeo, LLC$3,000.0012/5/2012
Gillette Swim Team Candy Cane$2,300.0012/5/2012
Cam-Plex $3,000.0012/5/2012
Donkey Creek Festival $3,000.0012/5/2012


Awarded Grants - 2013

RequestorAmount GrantedDate of Approval
Cowboy States Reining Horse Assn$1,500.003/6/2013
Izzi Racquetball Open$500.006/7/2013
Gillette Youth Basketball Assn$750.006/7/2013
Wright Days$450.006/7/2013
Gillette Swim Team$1,000.006/7/2013
Physically Challenged Bowhunters WY Antelope Hunt$500.009/4/2013
Gillette Hockey Assn$2,500.009/4/2013
Gillette College Athletics$0.0012/4/2013
Powder River Rodeo, LLC$1,000.0012/4/2013
Camel Basketball$500.0012/4/2013
Energy Classic Basketball$1,500.0012/4/2013
Energy Capital Indoor Strongman$400.0012/4/2013
ASA National Fastpitch Tournament$3,500.0012/4/2013
Cam-Plex $2,800.0012/4/2013


Awarded Grants - 2014

RequestorAmount GrantedDate of Approval
Donkey Creek Festival 2014$1,750.003/5/2014
Cowboy States Reining Horse Assn$1,500.003/5/2014
ASA National Fastpitch Tournament$1,500.006/4/2014
Energy Capital 9 Ball Classic$1,500.0012/3/2014
Powder River Rodeo, LLC$1,500.0012/3/2014
Camel Invitational$500.0012/3/2014
Energy Classic Tournament$3,000.0012/3/2014


Awarded Grants - 2015

RequestorAmount GrantedDate of Approval
Cowboy States Reining Horse Assn$2,000.003/11/2015
Donkey Creek Festival$3,000.003/11/2015
Campbell County Government-Raptor Symposium$1,000.003/11/2015
Cam-Plex for PGI Wyoming Night Celebrations$10,000.004/8/2015
Cam-Plex for PGI $5,000.005/13/2015
Gillette Main Street  Events$500.006/10/2015
WYO Wild Ride & Ranch Rodeo$2,000.006/10/2015
Wright Days Perfect Calf Roping$3,500.006/10/2015
Wright Days/Town of Wright$2,500.006/10/2015
Powder Basin Motocross$1,000.006/10/2015
Wyoming American Choral Directors Assoc (ACDA)$1,000.006/10/2015
Wyoming 2A State Golf Championship- Wright$400.009/9/2015
Energy Capital 9 Ball Classic$1,500.009/9/2015
Gillette College Booster Club (Basketball)$1,800.0012/10/2015
Energy Classic Basketball$1,500.0012/10/2015
Energy Classic Basketball-2$3,000.0012/10/2015
RMN Wrestling$3,220.0012/10/2015
Powder River Rodeo, LLC$2,000.0012/10/2015
New Year’s Eve Buck & Ball$2,100.0012/10/2015


Awarded Grants - 2016

RequestorAmount GrantedDate of Approval
Western Regional  Taxidermy Championships$2,500.003/10/2016
WY Assn for Health, PE, Recreation & Dance (WAHPERD)$400.003/10/2016
Cam-Plex Natl HS Finals Rodeos 2016 and 2017$10,000.003/10/2016
Wright Days$2,500.004/14/2016
Razor City Bulldogs Baseball$2,500.004/14/2016
Wright Days Perfect Calf Roping$2,080.006/9/2016
Gillette Main Street Brewfest $250.006/9/2016
Gillette Girls Fastpitch Assn.$3,000.006/9/2016
Kick Em Up Cans Barrel Race Event$250.006/9/2016
WYO Wild Ride Ranch Rodeo & Horse Sale$1,000.006/9/2016
Donkey Creek Festival $1,500.009/8/2016
Energy Classic Camel Invite Basketball$1,500.0012/14/2016
Energy Classic Basketball$2,000.0012/14/2016
Energy Capital 9 Ball Classic$1,200.0012/14/2016
New Year’s Eve Buck & Ball$2,000.0012/14/2016
Wyoming Writers, Inc.$1,000.0012/14/2016
American Legion Baseball 2017$2,500.0012/14/2016
Gillette/US Bowling/Women’s WY State$3,000.0012/14/2016
VFW Annual Conference 2017$500.0012/14/2016


Awarded Grants - 2017

RequestorAmount GrantedDate of Approval
RMN Wrestling 2017$1,600.003/9/2017
Gillette Hockey Association 2017$1,500.003/9/2017
Gillege College Athletics- Basketball$1,500.006/8/2017
CAM-PLEX NHSFR 2017$7,500.006/8/2017
Gillette Main Street Eclipse Festival$2,700.006/8/2017
Columbia Sheep Breeders$1,500.009/14/2017
WYO Wild Ride Ranch Rodeo &Cowboy Hall of Fame$500.009/14/2017
CAM-PLEX NHSFR 2017$2,500.009/14/2017
Gillette Hockey Assoc.$1,800.0012/14/2017
Energy Capital 9 Ball Classic$500.0012/14/2017
Wyoming Rodeo Association (Wright)$600.0012/14/2017
Energy Classic Basketball Camel Invite$1,000.0012/14/2017
Energy Classic Basketball$2,500.0012/14/2017
New Year’s Eve Buck & Ball$2,000.0012/14/2017


Awarded Grants - 2018

RequestorAmount GrantedDate of Approval
RMN Events Wild West Championships$500.003/15/2018
Powder River Rodeo Assn Battle of the Scholars(Wright)$500.003/15/2018
Horse Nations Indian Relay$3,000.003/15/2018
Gillette Girls Fastpitch Battle High Plains/Razor City Invite$3,250.003/15/2018
Wright Days 2018$1,000.006/14/2018
Gillette Main Street Brewfest 2018$500.006/14/2018
Donkey Creek Festival 2018$750.006/14/2018
USA Softball of Wyoming 2018$2,500.006/14/2018
Cowboy State Games Softball 2018$1,000.006/14/2018
NO REQUESTS 1st Quarter FY18-19$0.009/13/2018
Energy Capital 9 Ball and 10 Ball Classics$2,000.0012/13/2018
Energy Classic Gillette Invitational Basketball Tourn.$1,000.0012/13/2018
Energy Classic Basketball Tournament$2,500.0012/13/2018
RMN Events Wild West Wrestling Championships$2,150.0012/13/2018
Horse Nations Indian Relay$3,220.0012/13/2018
Wyoming High School Rodeo State Finals$3,000.0012/13/2018
Colorado-Wyoming Association of Museums (CWAM)$1,300.0012/13/2018
Wright High School 2A Regional Boys/Girls Basketball$500.0012/13/2018
New Year’s Eve Buck and Ball$1,500.0012/13/2018
Touch of Gold Wrestling Club$1,500.0012/13/2018


Awarded Grants - 2019

RequestorAmount GrantedDate of Approval
Wyoming Cutting Horse Association$1,250.003/14/2019
WY Stock Growers Assn Cattle Ind Conv & Trade Show$2,200.003/14/2019
VFW Post 7756 WY Dept. Convention$500.003/14/2019
Wicked Girls 307 Fastpitch Assn Wicked Winter Blast$1,600.003/14/2019
Donkey Creek Festival$1,200.003/14/2019
Wright Days$1,000.003/14/2019
Lions Club Statewide Annual Convention$500.003/14/2019
WSCC Fall Annual Conference with WEDA/Main St$2,200.006/13/2019
Gillette Main Street 2019 Brewfest$410.006/13/2019
CAM-PLEX PGI$10,000.006/13/2019
Gillette Girls Fast Pitch$3,000.006/13/2019
Energy Classic ReMax Invitational$2,400.009/12/2019
Energy Classic Basketball Tournament$2,100.009/12/2019
Gillette Soccer Club- 3 Tournaments$3,500.009/12/2019
Campbell Cnty Repub Party 2020 State Conv Kick-off$3,500.009/12/2019
TBH Athletics Men’s Softball/CSG$400.0012/12/2019
Energy Capital Tournaments/Billards$2,000.0012/12/2019
New Year’s Eve Buck & Ball$2,500.0012/12/2019
Special Olympics Wyoming Summer Games$3,000.0012/12/2019
Cowboy State Games/General $5,000.0012/12/2019
Cam-Plex/Cowboy State Games/Pickleball $1,500.0012/12/2019


Awarded Grants - 2020

Wyoming High School Rodeo State Finals$3,000.003/19/2020
Pat Weede Wrestling Tournament$500.003/19/2020
Thar Ranch Productions$2,700.003/19/2020
Gillette Girls Fastpitch Association$2,000.005/28/2020
Gillette Hockey Association-Peewee State Tourn$2,200.0012/17/2020
American Legion Post 41 Baseball-NE Regional Tourn$2,100.0012/17/2020


Awarded Grants - 2021

RequestorAmount GrantedDate of Approval
Energy Classic 9 Ball Tournament$2,500.001/21/2021
Loren Larson Youth Basketball Tournament$3,000.001/21/2021
Wyoming Youth Basketball Association Tournament$3,000.001/21/2021
Gillette Skijouring Derby$2,500.001/21/2021
Touch of Gold Wrestling Club$3,500.003/18/2021
Wicked Girls 307 Fastpitch Assn $2,500.003/18/2021
Downtown Thursday Night Events$2,500.003/18/2021
Adon Ranch Productions$1,000.003/18/2021
Donkey Creek Festival$1,500.006/17/2021
Wright Days 2021 (WCA)$1,000.006/17/2021
Thar Ranch Productions$3,000.006/17/2021
Adon Ranch Productions$250.006/17/2021
Rockpile Museum Association$2,100.006/17/2021
Gillette Girls Fastpitch Association$3,500.006/17/2021
WCF HS Soccer All-Star Games$3,000.006/17/2021
Wyoming Youth Basketball Association & STAT$650.009/16/2021
Pat Weede Wrestling Tournament$2,500.009/16/2021
Homestead Habits Vintage Market$1,500.009/16/2021
Gillette Main Street Ice Fest/Parade of Lights$1,500.009/16/2021
Gillette Main Street Boo-Fest/Trick-or-Treat Main Street$1,500.009/16/2021
Crossfit Brown & Gold Northeast Wyoming Hoe-Down$2,500.009/16/2021
Dance Talent Competition$1,500.009/16/2021
Wyoming Assocation of County Officials (WACO)$3,500.009/16/2021
Northwest Ranch Cowboy Association (NCRA) Finals Rodeo$3,000.009/16/2021
19th Annual News Eve Buck n Ball$3,500.0012/16/2021
Gillette Skijouring Derby$2,500.0012/16/2021
National High School Finals Rodeo$10,000.0012/16/2021
Touch of Gold Wrestling Club$3,500.0012/16/2021
Energy Captial Promotions 9-Ball Classics$3,000.0012/16/2021
American Legion Post 42 Baseball Tournament$3,500.0012/16/2021


Awarded Grants - 2022

RequestorAmount GrantedDate of Approval
Thanksgiving Tip-Off by WYBA$3,000.001/20/2022
Border Wars College Basketball Tournament$3,000.001/20/2022
Pronghorn Booster Club Classic$3,000.001/20/2022
Pinnacle Bank Shootout$3,000.001/20/2022
Pepsi Cup Soccer Tournament$1,500.001/20/2022
K2 Clash at the Cam-Plex$1,500.001/20/2022
Camel Kids Energy Town Throw Down$2,500.001/20/2022
Cowboy State Games Hockey 3 vs 3$2,500.001/20/2022
Downtown Thursday Concert Series$5,000.001/20/2022
Wicked 307 Girls Fast-Pitch Winter Blast$2,000.003/17/2022
307 Horseracing – Indian Relay Races$2,000.003/17/2022
307 Horseracing $3,000.003/17/2022
Adon Ranch Productions – Spring Fling$1,500.003/17/2022
Gillette Hockey Association Bantam State Tourn.$2,200.003/17/2022
Donkey Creek Festival$1,500.005/26/2022
Wyoming State Council Society for Human Resource Management$2,000.005/26/2022
WyoGives Day of Giving – Gillette Main Street$500.005/26/2022
WCF HS Soccer All-Star Games$3,000.006/16/2022
EC Junior Rodeo (Thar Ranch Productions)$3,000.006/16/2022
Gillette Main Street Brews & Cruise$2,500.006/16/2022
Gillette Girls Fast Pitch Assoc(GGFA)Gillette Blue Jays-CSG Battle of the Highplains1,750.009/15/2022
Gillette Girls Fast Pitch Assoc(GGFA)Gillette Blue Jays-Razor City Showcase1,750.009/15/2022
Thar Ranch Productions – Fizz Bomb3,000.009/15/2022
Wyoming Assocation of County Officials (WACO)3,500.009/15/2022
Gillette Hockey Association- 3vs3 Tourn 2,000.009/15/2022
Gillette Wrestling – Pat Weede Tournament2,500.009/15/2022
Energy Captial Promotions 9-Ball Classics1,000.0011/17/2022
Energy Capital Promotions-4th Annual Energy Capital Classic1,000.0011/17/2022
TOTAL AMOUNT GRANTED SINCE 2009/2010$35,700.00 

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