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Hunting in Wyoming: Campbell County & the Surrounding Area

If you’re planning to go hunting in Wyoming but aren’t sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place! Wyoming as a whole is teeming with wildlife, and there’s plenty to discover right here in Campbell County. This area boasts some of the highest antelope densities in the nation, along with 30,000 mule deer and between 40,000 and 50,000 pronghorn. Not only that, Campbell County’s ideal location offers convenient access to other nearby hunting destinations, allowing visitors to easily extend their excursions.

Whether it’s your first time experiencing the thrill of elk hunting in Wyoming or you’re aiming to bag one of our fleet-footed pronghorns, this area is brimming with opportunities. You’ll also find a variety of knowledgeable guides who are ready to assist you on this exciting journey.

Hunting at Peak Adventures Ranch

Set 50 miles south of Gillette on a working family ranch, Peak Adventures offers an excellent introduction to hunting in Wyoming. With access to more than 100,000 acres of private land and an additional 250,000 acres of public land in Thunder Basin National Grassland, this outfitter provides hunters with scenic and sprawling terrain to pursue their quarry. 

If you’re keen on hunting antelope in Wyoming, Peak Adventures features a hunting area that holds the largest concentration of antelope in North America. Additionally, elk enthusiasts will find the hunting here particularly rewarding, as it takes place in a highly coveted trophy area.

Game Available at Peak Adventures Ranch

Elk, mule deer, and antelope

Hunting at Skyline Outfitters Cattle Ranch

Located in Weston, Skyline Outfitters is a family-owned operation with a variety of multiday experiences on its 72,000-acre cattle ranch. Although it holds permits for hunting in national forests, grasslands, and on state and BLM grounds, the majority of its hunts take place on its private property. 

Embark on a five-day mission in search of mountain lions in the fall, chase turkeys in the spring, or peruse the plains for prairie dogs in the summer. No matter your preferred game or season, hunting in Wyoming with Skyline Outfitters promises a memorable journey!

Game Available at Skyline Outfitters Cattle Ranch

Elk, white-tailed and mule deer, antelope, turkey, and prairie dogs

Hunting in Thunder Basin National Grassland

Situated in the Powder Basin between the Big Horn Mountains and the Black Hills, Thunder Basin National Grassland spans an impressive 875 square miles, making it a prime choice for hunting antelope in Wyoming’s boundless plains. This semiarid terrain, comprising federal, state, and privately owned lands, also supports hiking and fishing opportunities for those interested in adding more activities to their itinerary.

Tip: Take the guesswork out of planning your trip by booking an outing with Peak Adventures or SNS Outfitters & Guides.

Game Available in Thunder Basin National Grassland

Antelope, elk, mountain lion, and mule deer

Hunting Just Outside of Campbell County

If you’re looking to extend your hunting trip, you’re in luck! Campbell County is conveniently located within the Sheridan region, just a road trip away from premier game destinations like Bighorn National Forest and the town of Sheridan, making it an ideal base camp. 

Known as “Wyoming’s Jewel,” the town of Sheridan boasts serene, wide-open spaces and dramatic mountain vistas—perfect for those seeking to immerse themselves in the calm of the wild. Less than 40 minutes away, the lush landscapes of Bighorn National Forest beckon hunters from all over with its 192,000 acres of wilderness. 

Tip: Once you’ve chosen your destination, simplify your planning by consulting skilled local guides and outfitters in the region.

Game Available Near Campbell County

Antelope, mule and white-tailed deer, elk, moose, the occasional black bear, pheasants, gray partridge, sharp-tailed grouse and sage grouse, blue grouse, and turkeys

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Now that you know where to go hunting in Wyoming, the next step is obtaining your license. Remember, a Wyoming hunting license is required regardless of the game you’re after. Visit the Wyoming Fish & Game Department website to start your application and find more information.

Once your license is sorted, consider planning an excursion with a local guide in Campbell County or explore additional Wyoming hunting outfitters if you care to continue your adventure elsewhere in the state.

Big game hunting note

Keep in mind that nonresident big and trophy game hunters must hire a professional hunter or local guide when hunting in federally designated wilderness areas.

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