The Big Pour: Local Coffee Shops & Bars in Gillette

Imagine your grandma’s best-yet banana nut bread, hot and fresh from the oven—except this time it takes the form of majestic coffee in a cozy mug, coffee beans brewed strong, feisty with Western spark. Did you know you could find Paris in a spicy sip just by walking into a local coffee shop in Gillette? You’ll discover it when you try a brew that tastes just like spiced cinnamon apples—Parisian splendor hidden in the West. 

It’s not just the Wyoming coffee shops that will leave you feeling bold and uninhibited as a rancher riding through a plain beneath a rolling sunset. Wait until you toss back a honey mead on draft, serving up that unbeatable infused hibiscus, fizzing cold and delicious. There are no ifs or buts about it: each and every Gillette brewery pours a good old round of epic nightlife. Here’s a list of our best and our brightest: these are the coffee shops and bars in Gillette, Wyoming, that make travelers want to stay a little longer.

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Must-Visit Local Coffee Shops in Gillette, WY

Come savor the Wyoming coffee shop scene by morning—nature’s sustenance with a splash of pizzazz. Then, venture forth, ready to greet the day warm on your shoulders in the Energy Capital of the Nation, java-set to rock climb the first U.S. national monument. The local coffee shops in Gillette are a dash of cozy meets a frothy splash of unique, steamed to absolute perfection. You’re going to love it here.

A Coffee Beanery to-go cup of coffee with a breakfast sandwich served on Coffee Beanery’s paper, ready to eat on a black and white plate.

Coffee Beanery

When it comes to coffee shops serving up perfect java, you’re missing out if you pass on small-batch artisan magic at the beloved Coffee Beanery. Stock up on K-Cup flavors like a cowboy on the go, bringing back flavors like Amaretto that taste like heaven-roasted paradise, rich almond aromas ready to ignite your senses. If you’ve been craving the soothing comfort of banana nut bread or apple galette in a mug, this is your spot.

A breakfast sandwich served with egg, avocado, and spinach at Wyoming coffee shop, The Alley Coffeehouse & Juice Bar with mandarin oranges on the side.

The Alley Coffeehouse & Juice Bar

For a feel-good Wyoming coffee shop, go for The Alley Coffeehouse & Juice Bar, where you can not only go for cold brew but likewise discover a cross between Italian soda and kombucha that soothes your gut (so you’re ready to tackle any wildlife escapades feeling Bighorn-Mountains-strong). Try real fruit smoothies while you’re there with a berry caprese toast, because at this health-focused, delicious resident favorite, the cardamom sky’s the limit.

Gillette, Wyoming’s local coffee shop, The Local, serves a tray of three frothy coffees.

The Local

Speaking of take-your-breath-away vibes at the kind of hub that brews that untouchable feeling only the best cafés do—that essence of cooler than before just by walking in—you’re going to want to go to THE local coffee shop in Gillette: The Local. From browsing artsy Wyoming tees and hats to indulging in favorites like their specialty sandwich, loaded with bacon and sweet cream cheese, step in for a French toast latte that tastes like the holidays in your cup.

A roaster at Wyoming coffee shop, Powder River Espresso, preparing a new batch of coffee beans in the silver and red machine.

Powder River Espresso

When Robert Evens began this caffeinated dream of Wyoming coffee shops, Gillette did not yet have a Starbucks. Powder River Espresso was born of a need for coffee roasted so well, Evens would not need his own getaway to bask in the decadence of a perfectly made cup of the good stuff. Choose between 17 single-origin coffees sourced from 15 countries across the world. Dial up a nutty Peruvian roast with amber honey and chocolate drizzled beautifully, berry flavors bursting with this gem of a find.

A girl with a manicure holds a plastic to-go cup of creamy coffee from Wyoming House of Coffee, a specialty Wyoming coffee shop. The order is served with a white and blue mountains sticker with trees, “WYO-HOC” printed at the top.

Wyoming House of Coffee

This Wyoming coffee shop can whip up a burrito and a blueberry caramel macchiato at the crack of dawn—complete with a pup-friendly treat along for the ride. Traveler’s tip for those who love a fun surprise: ask the Wyoming House of Coffee about their secret menu, and find out what Beetlejuice means in café lingo.

Wyoming coffee shop, Wildheart Coffee Company, serves a fresh mug of java, frothed with latte art, hearts circling a leaf in the middle.

Wildheart Coffee Company

Even the name Wildheart Coffee Company pours that sense of fearless dream-big energy. Let this coffee run through your veins like an espresso shot to the adventurous spirit. With food baked on-the-scene and all first sips made possible by Snowy Elk Coffee Roasters, this coffee shop in Wyoming makes you want to brave new risks.

Tenille’s coffee shop, Teak Coffee, serves a to-go latte paired with two packaged pastries on a wooden table.

Teak Coffee Co.

In the middle of a boutique store full of Gillette’s kinship and character, you’ll find Teak Coffee. Come to Tenille’s one-stop shop for fun souvenirs to take home as you browse furniture, jewelry, and one-of-a-kind tees, all with a huckleberry or pistachio coffee, beautifully roasted, in hand.

Top Bars, Brews, & Lounges in Gillette, WY

Whether you’re looking for a Gillette brewery that’s delightfully casual or blow-your-boots-away upscale, the bars in Gillette, Wyoming, will have you taking a walk on the wild side. Raise a glass to spiked discovery as you dance to live music, savoring the nightlife and the standout bars, brews, and lounges in Gillette.

Sam Clikeman, owner of Big Lost Meadery, holds a bottle of handcrafted mead in front of a big sign that advertises, “Big Lost Meadery: Crafted to Taste. Aged to perfection.”

Big Lost Meadery

If you’re searching for a brewery in Gillette, Wyoming, try the oldest fermented brew in the world—flavorful mead with a warrior’s spirit, right at Big Lost Meadery. For the most delicious mead-making in the business, throw it back with some elevated eats from Ranch & Roost on the patio (brought right to you with Western swagger), and taste the legend of the Island Gypsy with mead made from real bananas.

Tables and wooden chairs fill the patterned floor, showcasing an array of wine bottles across the space of The Prime Rib Restaurant & Wine Cellar.

The Prime Rib Restaurant & Wine Cellar

Among the eclectic bars in Gillette, Wyoming, prepare to be awestruck by the award-winning The Prime Rib Restaurant and Wine Cellar—where the freshest ingredients and everything from vintage ports to sparkling wine at a martini lounge have made this the place to be for wine-lovers, diners, and travelers alike. Try the seafood and rib while savoring every delicious sip of your favorite new drinks.

Creative Beverages serves a Bloody Mary with bottles of liquor displayed behind, including Hendrick’s Gin and Absolut Peppar.

Creative Beverages

Another fun bar in Gillette, Wyoming, is a multifaceted experience, demonstrating the ultimate triple threat: a coffee shop, a liquor store, and a bar serving endless delight, all in one. Find inexpensive bottles you can take home with you to unwind, and come back the next morning for a quick coffee and bite to start your day of epic adventure.

A black sign with “Center Bar” in white text hangs above a red sign for “Package” and “Goods,” with a light for “Coors Light” in the window of a brick wall.

Center Bar

For a tavern feel, try Center Bar for not only a round of unique cocktails in Gillette, Wyoming, but also some moonlit bar games until 2 a.m. For a relaxing night out on the town, know that any windswept traveler is welcome here.

A close-up of a cigar balanced on a glass of liquor at Montgomery Bar.

Montgomery Bar

Among the bars in Gillette, Wyoming, serving impeccable live music and Western cocktails at happy hour, make sure you see the iconic Montgomery Bar—a place regulars like to call “The Monkey.” Swing by this beloved landmark in downtown Gillette, Wyoming, on a Tuesday, and you can join Cigar Night at this 100-year-old bar—an inherently cool space where you can feel the depth of history and character in every flavor.

Pool tables in a room at The Office Saloon, a bar in Gillette, Wyoming, where signs for Coors and Budweiser hang up next to an American flag.

The Office Saloon

Come to the ultimate bar in Gillette, Wyoming, for a chill “alibi” because, after all, you’re just spending a late evening at “the office” any time you walk into The Office Saloon. This is the cheeky wink and a nod The Office’s owners envisioned for each welcome visitor. Mingle with coal miners and ranch hands as Gilletteans mingle after work, playing shuffleboard and sharing wings. Make sure to check out the daily drink specials as you kick it back in this casual, sporty bar scene.

A purple neon light-up sign of Humphrey’s reflects into the silver ceiling at Humphrey’s Bar & Grill, a bar in Gillette, Wyoming.

Humphrey's Bar & Grill

So many travelers want to know: what’s the best brewery in Gillette, Wyoming? A wanderluster who’s passing through is looking for the kind of soul-kindled atmosphere that feels like it’s about more than just a single pour; it’s about the spirit rodeoing from the glass.

Truly, no two bars in Gillette, Wyoming, walk into a saloon with the same tip-of-the-hat swagger. A special choice is Humphrey’s Bar & Grill, bright with American and Cajun dishes, ready to spice up your night with Southern finesse. While you’re trying dazzling creole cocktails like the Cactus Cooler and Highway 101, indulge in house-smoked meats as live music serenades in the background.

Handcrafted cocktails like a Bloody Mary are served colorfully with fruit atop at Grinners Bar & Liquor on a wooden table.

Grinners Bar & Liquor

With mixologists spinning smoky spirit magic behind the bar, you just can’t beat these unique cocktails in Gillette, Wyoming. Come for the handcrafted cocktails at Grinner Bar & Liquor and get ready to feel your soul shaking in its stirrups after that bold Maple Bourbon Old Fashioned. If you’re passing through on a Wednesday night, be sure to check out the brilliant cigar lounge, full of smoky gems from Gillette’s Cigar Box.

Clear drinking glasses with condensation served on a table, beer freshly poured and frothy as the light catches the glass.


Come to Legends, a fun sports bar in Gillette that’s always bound to promise a good ole time, morning or night. With happy hours for the early birds from 6 to 9 a.m. and for those walking in after afternoon adventures from 4 to 6 p.m., you can pair your pour with some delicious bites along the way. Dip your steak in savory barbecue as you catch the event up next, from trivia to Friday Night Live (where performers bust out their greatest acts).

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There is no cap to the horizon on joyful things to do in Gillette, Wyoming. From the taste-bud-electrifying places to eat in Gillette, Wyoming to the wildest sights to see, make your getaway here feel boundless.

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