Eagle Butte Coal Mine Tours

As one of the nation’s top coal-mining sites, we’ve proudly earned the moniker Energy Capital of the Nation, and it fuels our way of life here. Wyoming coal is a secure, abundant and affordable source of energy that accounts for more than 13 percent of the U.S. domestic electric power generation. While other regions of the county may have abundant resources, we are at the center of the nation’s coal production because our coal has low sulfur composition, making it a much cleaner form of energy. Additionally, mining here has lower production costs due to the coal’s proximity to the group, and our recoverable coal seams are world-class. Mining is a fast- paced, sophisticated field, requiring highly skilled labor that is fascinating to watch. Up to 80 unit trains leave the Powder River Basin daily, and coal is mined at a staggering rate of 12 tons per second. The Wyoming landscape provides us not only with resources and economy, but it’s also our source of recreation, beauty and pride. This land is our home, so restoring it for today and future generations is of the utmost importance to us.

Reclamation by Wyoming coal mines are considered the industry’s gold standard (no surprise given the scenery), and the process is managed and executed by highly trained specialists employed by the mines, completed contemporaneously in a multi-stage process once the recoverable coal is removed. These stages include backfilling the void with overburden, replacing topsoil and preparing the surface and monitoring plant growth and fauna populations. This complex operation goes beyond just restoring controls and reseeding native plant species. Reclamation specialists strive to build sustainable natural ecosystems, including re-establishing water features and storage in reclaimed streams and water bodies, replacing sage grouse breeding grounds, establishing mosaic patterns in grassland and shrubland reclamation, replacing prey base habitats for eagles and other predators and reconstructing prairie dog towns. No one has more to lose than the people who call this place home, so rest assured that we’re going to take care of the land that takes care of us.

Mine tours start after Memorial Day; Monday through Friday, 9am and 11:30 am.

$10 per person
Ages 4 and under FREE
Transportation provided by the
Gillette Visitors Center at 314 S. Gillette Ave.

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