This isn’t your run-of-the-mill energy town. Sure, we’re good at mining, but there is so much more happening in our quaint Wyoming town that you have to see to believe. Whether Campbell County is a stop along the way of your dream Western vacation that includes Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Devils Tower National Monument and The Big Horns, or it’s your weekend getaway destination, we can’t wait to welcome you.

Gillette is becoming a foodie frontier and one of the premier destinations for the pickiest palates. Don’t believe it? Here’s a sampler platter: wood-fired pizzas with raspberry jalapeño compote and ricotta cheese, bison steak raised right here in Wright, the region’s largest selection of fine wines or mead sipped straight from a horn. Our mines power the country but our local chefs and restauranteurs are what fuel our community. This is where you come to get a taste of the West, and the flavor of Gillette is the very best.

Just an hour’s drive from Devils Tower National Monument, Gillette is close to scenery with its famed rolling hills and open plains. Pronghorn and big game hunting across Campbell County is some of the nation’s best, and you can scout the area on one of our Wildlife Loop Tours. There aren’t many ways to get more in touch with nature than touring our coal mines to learn about reclamation processes. Just outside city limits, the town of Wright is home to the Durham Bison Ranch where you’ll find that small towns are flourishing and remain a great place to visit.

Your journey out West is about exploration and discovery, so if you stick to the well-traveled paths, you’ll miss much of the adventure. Find where Gillette and Wright can take you.

With a population around 1,800, Wright, Wyoming seems like it might be too good to be true. A picturesque pond in the center of the town, one of the nation’s premier bison ranches, a quaint summer festival, and a rodeo hub all in one tiny town can’t be right. But it’s Wright. Panther Pond is a small fishing pond visible from the highway that has enough charm to bait even the toughest catch. Just outside of town, visit the Durham Bison Ranch to peek into life as a cowboy on a Wyoming ranch. One of the nation’s largest bison operations, more than 2,500 bison are raised here, and its meat is shipped across the nation and brought down the street. The Open Range Steakhouse is a classic Wyoming steakhouse experience, made even more authentic by the Durham Ranch. Order a Buffalo Ribeye or a Buffalo Flat Iron Steak for a meal worthy of the Wyoming mascot (if you’re just stopping through town, try the Durham Buffalo Burger at Hank’s Roadside Bar & Grill). Your bison steak is the perfect preamble to a rodeo at the Southern Campbell County Agricultural Complex. For history, visit Wright’s Centennial Museum, which opened July 10, 1990 on Wyoming’s statehood centennial. The museum commemorates everything Campbell County, ranging from pioneer history and Westward expansion to the mining and energy industries. Home to an original Jacob William Benson painting, sheep wagons, historic tools and a special map of the area’s 100+ year old centennial ranches, you’ll connect with the pioneer spirit that established our country. If you’re still trying to decide when to visit, block out the third weekend of June for Wright Days, the quintessential small town festival with a parade, barbecues, yard games, and some of the friendliest locals in the West. Teddy Roosevelt has even been known to make an appearance. Accommodations are available at any Wright hotel.