Craft Beer & Mead

Bottoms up

Benjamin Franklin is famously misquoted as saying, “Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy.” In Gillette, we love our visitors so much we make them locally crafted beer and mead. And they are so delicious. And you’re on vacation. What other reasons could you possibly need to toast? As Gillette’s dining scene has been garnering notoriety and acclaim over the past decade, obviously we needed something to pair with all of that great food, so our two breweries and meadery have it covered for us. Cheers!

Gillette Brewing Company is Gillette’s first brewery, led by Owner, Head Brewer and full-time coal mine employee Nate Hardy. Years ago, Nate found himself with a lot of free time with a shift-work schedule on the mines, so he picked up brewing as a hobby for off-days. He loved it so much that he wanted to take it on as a full-time job (in addition to his other full-time job). He developed a passion for experimenting with the chemistry and flavors of brewing, and the quality of his work reflects everything he learned along the way. But don’t just take our word for it. His Locomotive Brown Ale placed second in the US Open Beer Championships as one of 3,500 entries in that category. Now Gillette Brewing Company has a rotating selection of seasonal and limited flavors, and you’ll want to sample every gem they have on tap. And if you require your drink with a side of food, Gillette Brewing Company is also home to Gone Postal Pizzeria, and all of the pizza dough features Nate’s beer as an ingredient. Learn more about the Gillette Brewing Company and the Hardy family here.

Where else in the world could you drink like the gods and working men all at the same bar? Only in Gillette. The ancient elixir mead was the preferred drink of Greek gods and might be civilization’s oldest alcoholic beverage. Different than wine or beer, mead is fermented honey, yeast and water and stands alone as its own rank of alcohol, and Sam Clikeman serves it straight out of a horn at Big Lost Meadery. Mead is typically associated with Vikings and Norse traditions, which is perfect since Sam looks like a Scandinavian cowboy. He’s developed a line of mead flavors including Crazy Woman, Wild Man and Island Gypsy, all part of his Big Lost universe. Never one to turn down the opportunity to serve people drink, Sam has recently expanded his product line to include his own beers. See the full Big Lost story, including how Sam gets his pillage on, here.